For Whole-Body Thermography Preparation Instructions

A functional test
that tracks your
Autonomic Nervous
System and blood
flow responses.

  • Gentle & Painless
  • Non-Invasive Technology
  • Detailed Patient Report
What Is The Test Like?

The 30-minute test is gentle and non-invasive.  An initial set of measurements is taken. Then, to activate your body's regulatory system, you stand at room temperature in your underwear for a ten-minute cooling period (those with trouble standing can lean against a high stool). This is followed by a second set of  measurements. The test data is then computed by the system and the results are returned for consultation with your doctor.

Imaging tests like MRI, Mammogram,
and Ultrasound are anatomical tests.
Whole-Body Thermography is a functional test of organs and related systems

Chronic illness develops over time.  Whole-Body Thermography can discover disturbances that are important to address in order to restore and optimize your health.


  • For early detection
  • To identify root causes of illness
  • To guide & monitor treatment


How Does It Work?

An infrared sensor measures skin  temperature at over 100 points on the body before and after exposure to room temperature. Healthy organs respond to this cooling stimulus on the skin surface via the Autonomic Nervous System. How well your nervous system is able to influence the skin temperature at each point reveals information about the health of  the underlying organs.  Contributing factors to organ health are also  captured during the test. This integrative approach helps your doctor determine the therapies best suited for you, as well as additional tests that may be necessary to confirm findings.

“By the time that breast cancer is detected in a mammogram, a woman will have already had the disease for an average of 6 to 8 years.”

Whole-Body Thermography

for Breast Health

Whole-Body Health

Screenings for Everybody

Founded on 30 years of research
y European doctors specializing
in Integrative Medicine

- American Cancer Society 2001

Whole-Body Thermography offers breast health screenings that are gentle, painless and provide the earliest detection possible.

“This technology is the most comprehensive evaluation of the functioning of the internal organs of the human body.”

- Dr. Michael Einsohn, D.C.

Dallas Thermography Clinic