“By the time that breast cancer is detected in a mammogram, a woman will have already had the disease for an average of 6 to 8 years.” 

- American Cancer Society 2001 

Whole-Body Thermography is our greatest asset

for an accurate breast health plan.


  • More Preventative 
  • More Informative 
  • Gentle & Painless 
  • Non-Invasive 
  • Non-Toxic 
  • FDA Approved 
  • Insurance Codes 
  • Holistic & “Green” 

Whole-Body Thermography is the Radiation-free, Painless Alternative to Breast Screenings and Provides the Earliest Detection Possible

Breast abnormalities develop over time. Whole-Body Thermography can identify underlying causes, often long before
symptoms develop, so healing can begin.  This new, non-invasive technology provides a comprehensive evaluation of the functioning health of organs, glands & lymph.  Key breast health factors such as endocrine & immune system function &
systemic toxicity are also evaluated.

When breast disease is forming, even before symptoms appear, Whole-Body Thermography can detect it by revealing thermal (heat) patterns, disturbances in the Autonomic Nervous System, plus immune system and toxicity burdens.

“I have been using regulation thermography (Whole-Body Thermography) to test breast health in my clinic for over 20 years. I never use mammography first. I always use thermography and then I use mammography only if I need to.” 


- Dr. Thomas Rau MD, Switzerland

Author of 2007 Bestseller The Swiss

Secret to Optimum Health 

“1 out of 8 women will get

breast cancer.” 

- National Cancer Institute 2007

“Regulation Thermography (Whole-Body Thermography) has saved the lives of many patients over my 9 years of use in my clinic. Its objectivity and vision allows me to see the whole person as an integrated system like never before.” 

- Dr. Daniel Beilin OMD, Aptos, CA


"We can finally see what the body is doing before it becomes dysfunctional enough to create an irreversible problem." 

- Dr. Schultz-Ruhtenberg, Germany

Pioneer of Thermography