Preparation for Heavy Metal Testing


  • 36 hours before testing 

             -No vitamin or mineral supplements 

             -No Birth control pills 

                     *may cause elevated levels of copper

             -Stop diuretics if possible


  • 24 Hours before testing

             - No tap water or red wine

             - No excessive amounts of water  


  • Morning of the test

             - Do not drink coffee before collecting the sample

             - Collect the first morning urine in a plastic cup or jar 

                     * About 60 ml or ¼ cup is enough  

                     *First morning is any time after 4 AM, or 5 AM, during Daylight Savings Time.

                      Samples from other times of day can be used, but the first urine is more

                      concentrated than samples taken later in the day.


  • Women – best done away from menstruation