Preparations for Brain Mapping


• Avoid alcohol/marijuana for 3 days before test

• Get a good night’s sleep

• Have protein for breakfast - no sugary foods or coffee

• Bring water to drink during testing

• Wash hair the day of the test or night before

• Do not use hair conditioners, sprays, gels, etc

• Avoid OTC medications; but take Rx meds as usual

• Report Rx medications

Taking Survey Before Brain Mapping


  • The web address is -
  • Your user name and password will be emailed to you.
  • Javascripts needs to be enabled
  • Click on "My Account"
  • Click on "My Physiology" tab, then Click on "Edit" button.

                  Choose both a number to indicate frequency of  symptom and a letter to indicate severity

  • Click on "My Assessments" tab

                  Click on "Interactive Self Inventory" button, then  "Begin Test" button

                  Take survey

  • Click on "Cognitive Emotional Checklist" button, then "Begin Test" button

                  Take survey

You can view the results of your surveys by going back to the "View Results" buttons under the "My Assessments" tab. 

The results will also be applied to your brain mapping, where you can see how your perception of these things matches your brain activity.